About the Open Competition Center

The Open Competition Center is a project of Americans for Tax Reform that advocates for a rule-of-law, consumer-based approach to antitrust regulation. We support open competition among companies, labor, and at the ballot box.

OCC advocates for open competition between businesses without interference from overzealous government bureaucrats and regulators. Antitrust law should be focused on maximizing consumer welfare and protecting the competitive process, not protecting individual competitors. OCC stands against those who would weaponize antitrust law to address unrelated social concerns or “break up” successful companies that have out-competed rival firms. 

OCC champions efforts to expand worker choice and freedom of association. Every worker should have the ability to decide for themselves whether or not they belong to a labor organization. If a worker does not wish to join a union, they should not be forced to choose between paying union dues or losing their job. In addition, OCC supports increasing flexibility and opportunity for freelancers and independent contractors, and opposes efforts to hinder their participation in the American economy. 

OCC supports election integrity. Americans deserve to know that their elections are being conducted fairly and honestly, with their votes counted as cast. Our voting infrastructure must be ironclad, and all Americans benefit from the ability to verify the accuracy of results through post-election audits. OCC believes in the Constitutional guarantee that states and localities have primary jurisdiction over election administration, and opposes partisan attempts to federalize elections or stifle political speech.

Tom Hebert serves as the Executive Director of the Open Competition Center.