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FTC’s Politically Motivated Pursuit of Meta-Within Acquisition Gets Stranger

Not even Netflix’s Stranger Things has managed to construe odder narrative developments than the ones unfolding from the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) pursuit of a meritless lawsuit against Meta. This week, a report came out that Meta found out about FTC’s lawsuit against them from Twitter. The lack of warning before filing…


China-Backed TikTok Destroys DOJ Narrative by Emerging as Strong Competitor to Google

In an forthcoming antitrust suit against Google, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is attempting to depict the company as having such an overbearing market share in the search engine industry that they are preventing competitors from entering the market. As both parties are accumulating evidence, the evolving rise of China-backed…


FTC Chair Khan Ignores Experts in Pursuit of Politically Motivated Suit Against Meta

Since President Biden appointed radical academic Lina Khan as Chair of the Federal Trade Commission, she has embarked on an ambitious, aggressive agenda to weaponize antitrust law against big businesses solely for the sin of being successful. In pursuit of this agenda, Khan has torn away at the independence and…